No matter what you're selling, having a firm grasp of your branding and its evolution is the key to success, and is exactly what our team guided by Dar Dowling, our CEO, helps you achieve whether you're just starting out or trying to take your brand to the next level.

For some, media branding starts with what we like to call Brand Coaching – one-on-one or team based sessions designed to help you discover, fine tune or embrace your branding, and then building a campaign that reflects your vision, in a way that gets your target audience and the media saying, “wow.” Our team excels at helping our clients achieve that kind of response and helping grow our clients brand for the short and long term using a wide range of methodologies ranging from strategic public relations and grassroots initiatives to rolling out trending social media platforms.

What is our team doing to keep their energy up? Listening to Taylor Swifts “Bad Blood” … maybe it's the SciFi theme – yes that's definitely part of it.